Thursday, October 13, 2011

RCDSSS-Ajmer LIFE project team October mont plan

1.       Establishment of Vermin Compost units, Than
14 units (10'×3'×½') size
2.       Staff Meeting – Disha
3.       Staff meeting – Life & IDEA

3 Oct. 2011
4 Oct. 2011
4.       Identification of needy Livestock rearers for 200 animals for AI (breed improvement) to be completed upto dec.2011
Targeted HH having not more than 5 big animals.
Two animals to get AI / per farmer
These animals should get AI upto Dec.2011 latest.
Ongoing process
5.       Social Audit training of MGNREGA for CBO members (centre level)
Selection of farmer club members, SHG members & Youth Group members, PRI members etc.
Selection of Members of Social Audit forum at panchayat level
Invitation letter to all
17 – 18 Oct. at DISHA
6.       Establishment of 4 Rojgar Dhaba (Nepoli, Nolkha, Kalyanipura, Surajpura)
·         Selection of villages
·         Place / House with electricity connection.
·         Signing MOU with FC, Owner and community members
R.D. by 16 Oct.

SHG prod. Unit by 23 Oct.
7.       Establishment of 4 training cum Production Units for SHGs
8.       Initiation of paravet trainings
Identification of 10 Local indigenous paravets (not trained) who are already providing services in village; to upgrade their skills and certify them and providing Toolkit.
Plan a 5 to 10 days training at KVK.
20th Oct. 2011

Training by 10 November 11
9.       Exposure Visit to Pushkar & KVK, Ajmer on sustainable agriculture practices and modern Irrigation Practices
Selection of 50 progressive farmers
Contact with KVK & Person at Pushkar to facilitate the sessions
Hiring of Bus, cook and accommodations place.
21-22 October, 2011
10.    Rabi Crop Demonstration
Selection of farmers in a meeting held by Kisan Club.
Sample of Water & Soil for testing

15 Oct. 2011

20 Oct. 2011
11.    Training on Post Harvesting practices, grading, storage and packing
Selection of 150 progressive farmers who sell their crop (mung, millet, Jwar etc.)
Hiring a Resource Person for the same.
24, 25, 31 Oct. 2011
12.    Micro-plan development of Godiawas
FGD, Resource Mapping, transact walk Problem analysis with CBO members
20 Oct. 2011

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