Thursday, October 13, 2011

Impact of LIFE project at Banswara: LIFE has given shelter for my life!

Indira Awash Yojana (IAY) is a government schemes to provide shelter to the BPL and needy families in terms of construction of brick pucca house.

With the effort from LIFE team at Banswara for making the community aware about the government schemes and capacitate them to access the services in the month of September 2011 in  Nathpura village (LIFE project village) Ms. Nirmala Narshing Devdhahas ( ST community) received first installment 25000 of IAY from SBBJ bank Kushlgarh. The process of application has started in the month of June, where in LIFE project field animator Ms. Priya garasiya has shared the information to the villages ( through household visits) on IAY and facilitate a meeting of villages with the secretary of the concerned Panchyat.

With the process  Nirmala narshing  has identified her need 9a s she don’t have a proper house where she can live…in heavy rain its difficult for her and family members to survive) and eligibility and shown her willingness to avail the sevice of IAY. In continuation with the same she has met with field animator Ms. Priya and along with her she  has gone and filled the form for the same at the Panchyat Samiti Office and later on for further processing with Nirmala and Priya tried many times to meet the patwari of the village, but his unavailability has delayed the process and sometimes when he is available he just refuse the processing by saying he is busy and would take this later on…..
….but Nirmala and Priya continued pressurizing the Ptawari to do thw ork and finally he as agreed to for further processing for giving the khata naka ( maps and copies of land details)…..and with this they have submitted the entire documents including NREGA passbook copy, card, voter ID card and two passport size photographs to the concerned bank and received the first installment of Rs. 25000 from the SBBJ bank , Kushalgarh ( Banswara)…..

Nirmala is feeling happy…and is hoping to construct her own shelter…where in heavy rain she can survive with her family member……according to her…with LIFE ….she has a shelter for her life!

By: LIFE project team at SJVS-Banswara


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