Sunday, October 7, 2012

Farmers’ Club of Surajpura ( Ajmer) initiates freeing encroachment in
pastureland of 25 hac. of land

In the monthly meeting of farmers club it was discussed that the district administration is going to help in removing encroachment from the community land where people support positively. Members of farmers club in Surajpura decided to do it in their village also. They wrote a letter on their letterhead to revenue department requesting for removing encroachment from the pastureland field since they have very small land remained for grazing their cattle and fodder scarcity prevails there.

Farmer’s Club also assured to give their full possible cooperation and support in this task and invited the district administration in the village. Finally 150 bigha (25 hac.) land has been freed from the encroachment voluntarily and with some force and counseling. 


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