Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MICRO-Plans approved 1st time in LIFE project villages of Kushalgarh (Banswara) block with facilitation from LIFE project team!

With LIFE project….
We are committed to bring change!
We are committed to sustain the impact of project through empowering community and establishing strong linkages with the PRI!

Recently the LIFE project team has facilitated the micro-plan process in 10 LIFE project villages at Banswara, where the team has trained the community (with the support from Caritas India), and finally community has developed the micro-plan along with different stake holders-NABARD, KVK, PRI & agriculture department and submitted the plan to the concerned department ( it is important to know that plan has been even written by the community in |Hindi) and recently (on 20th June 2012) in last Gram Panchyat meeting, Mundadi ( one of the gram Panchayat under which 3 LIFE project villages are covered) meeting the concerned Panchayat has approved the two micro-plans of Nathpura and Kajalpada villages. The plans were presented by the farmers club of the concerned villages and detailed plan has been submitted to the Panchayat. Now the Panchayat has included it in its annual plan and is working with the farmers club to address the issues and proposed plans.

Important to know that this 1st time any micro-plan prepared by the community with the facilitation of SJVS-Banswara has been approved by the Panchayat.

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