Saturday, July 21, 2012

I want to adopt it as My Livelihood.....

House Wiring and general electrician training was conducted in Mavashiya cluster this month. Total 20 youth members were trained in this training. Ramswaroop s/o Rama Meghvanshi also took part in it. He belongs to a poor and SC family having labor, MGNREGA & Agriculture as their main livelihood options which do not fulfill even their daily needs.

After attending the house wiring training very actively, Ramswaroop wanted to adopt this work as his main occupation. He started practicing the work and last month only he made house wiring of Mr. Devkaran s/o Sodan Jat. "He is very skilled and talented in house wiring..." says Devkaran Jat. Ramswaroop earned rupees 500 for doing his first task. "I want to adopt it as my livelihood and increase income...." says Ramswaroop.

He is also interested in learning organic farming and appreciates the efforts of life project in agriculture and youth skill development.

Courtsey: LIFE project team at RCDSSS-Ajmer


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