Saturday, July 14, 2012

          Change is vital and indeed change indicates that things are working for the cause!


With LIFE project in Rajasthan we have tried to create an impact in the form of change which not only impact the 20 project villages but the entire scenario for which we have worked through LIFE project i.e. secured entitlements and better & sustainable livelihoood options.  And till now (although with many difficulties) we are succeed in that, our result achievement after two years (till July 2012) is around 96% and the best part we have shared our knowledge and experience to the entire world through our web page i.e.

 and today we ARE HAPPY TO SHARE THAT OUR WEB VIEWERS OF LIFE WEB PAGE HAS CROSSED THE LAND MARK OF 25000 AND OUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS LIST CROSSED 1500. Also interesting to know that now per month our web viewers are approx 5000 ( a quite good figure for the web page and the highest figure for the any project based web page in India).  

Fr. Fredrick D’Souza ( Executive Director-Caritas India) has launched the web page of LIFE project on 25th Feb 2011 at SJVS Banswara ( in LIFE project review meeting) and that time we were hardly thought of such achievement, but we made it possible! This achievement it seems is not so easy it is possible because of:

  • A good team effort of LIFE team ( both the partners SJVS-Banswara & RCDSSS-Ajmer)
  • Daily (regular) updates on the webpage ( through establishing daily reporting with the partners). Daily on an average  daily1 hour is given to to the web page by LIFE team of  Caritas India.
  • Support from Caritas India  ( especially communication department-Mr. Patrick & Ms. Soni & Head Office and zonal team)
  • Active support from Caritas Spain-Ms. Maribel ( through feedback & technical support)

What exactly the LIFE web page is contributing for development:

  • Now for many regular viewers of LIFE web page, it is like a daily online news paper or wekipedia to know the progress of LIFE project to know about the development sector.
  • It has enhanced the visibility of Caritas India, Caritas Spain partner organization, LIFE project and indeed the LIFE project team throughout the world, in various government department of Rajasthan.
  • Addressing a online campaign on promotion of sustainable agriculture ( viewers have choice to online voting for the same).
  • Working as a tool guide for various IEC materials on sustainable agriculture, skill development for youth, and entitlements ( especially on MGNREGA and IAY)

What’s our further plan?
  • Making this web page a online data base for all crop details for rabi & Kharif in Rajasthan.
  • Linking online course of e-LHP ( Life & HARIT PRAYAS) to the web page so that more no. of people can learn from the experience of LIFE project.
  • Developing and linking software with this web page so that farmers can sell their produce through the LIFE web page (probably by accessing the online services through our Rozgar Dhaba centers in the LIFE project villages). This will be one of the biggest services through the web page and this would be in both Hindi & English.
  • Reaching to more viewers thorough making this web page more interesting and interactive. Probably through more visual uploads.

We are thankful to all our viewers and LIFE team for this land mark and the support. Keep on visiting the web page ( and be our friend and follower on face book.

Don’t believe in change, but

...believe change!


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