Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Youth employbility: Challange for LIFE project

Accentuating on addressing the unemployment situation amongst the youth, LIFE project in last two years has focused on organizing skill development training programmes (specific to the trade demand in the LIFE project villages), linkages with the universities and technical institutions (like MDS University & KVK/NABARD) for the certification of skill development trainings and establishment of center for employment assistance in the form of Rozgar Dhaba[1]. The concept of Rozgar Dhaba has introduced in the 2nd year of LIFE project implementation.

Concept of Rozgar Dhaba for poor people (developed by caritas India team)

As most of us know about several employments providing websites as:

but all these sites are basically working for the high profile job as for executives, managers, CEO, MD’s etc. but no one is working for the poor community or the poor people ( especially youth). But Rozgar Dhaba will only work for the poor people and jobs related with the poor people such as peon, waiter in a hotel/restaurant, security guard, gardener, helper, field workers, salesman, farmers –organic cultivation, teachers, tuitions, bell boy, construction worker, mechanic, washer man, painter, tailor, typist, cook, mechanic,  in near by areas. So in this way Rozgar Dhaba works for the poor people in terms of providing employment according to their eligibility and their need.

Objective of Rozgar Dhaba

  • Securing livelihood of the rural poor and marginalised youths through strengthening the channel of information dissemination on employment availability and other livelihood sources.
  • Increased livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged youth with a focus on more entrepreneurs.

Rozgar Dhaba is a  livelihood promotion center being established in rural context. It focuses on farmers, school dropout and illiterate youth in the concerned villages to secure theirlivelihood by building skills through vocational training, generating awareness on government schemes and programmes through IEC material and personal interaction, establishing and strengthening linkages with PRI and other local institutions for the growth and development of the community. Rozgar Dhaba would empower the community by building skills in various trades to help them build livelihood on their own. Rozgar Dhaba thus is making a movement in the country through the associating/implementing partners to reach out to the un-reached and vulnerable sections to tap the hidden potential of youth who are branded as redundant, waste, useless and how best it can recycle them into productive human capital as opportunities galore in the globalized economy

ROZGAR DHABA- all delicious Rozgar are available here...This would act as a center in the villages and probably in the form of a kiosk which would cater basically to rural unemployed/unskilled youths (both men and women) from deprived or marginalized section. Apart from this it would also act as the support center for farmers to improve their agriculture productivity by inculcating best practices (in the form of organic and hybrid seeds). Following services would be available at the Rozgar Dhaba:
·         For employed people it will cater for the better job or better employment opportunities.
·         For the unemployed people it will cater in terms of providing initial job as well as informing them about different institutes from where they can get training before starting their job
·         Information about different employment opportunities.
·         Information about different government schemes available in terms of employment as – MGNREGA, SGSRY, PDS, Bamboo mission, lok karmi etc.
·         Fortnightly information to the registered candidate on his/her addresses by his preferred three media sources.
·         Assisting old age people in terms of providing information on old age pension, travel concession, low bank interest rate etc.
·         It would cater for those people who want to start their own small business i.e. who want to be self-employed in terms of providing information about different banks which can give them financial support in terms of loan, institutes which can provide them training and basic information about the job they want to start.
·         It would support the concept of women empowerment in the form of initiating the concept of self Help Group (SHG) and other skill development initiatives in the form of tailoring and other gender (female) related courses.
·          It would cater the physically handicapped people in terms of providing information to them about several government schemes for physically handicapped people and assisting and helping those to get benefit of that schemes. Along with that it will also provide them proper support for self-employment. 

[1] [1] Rozgar is a Hindi word means Employment and Dhaba is a Punjabi word means restaurant so, it is basically an employment restaurant.


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