Friday, April 27, 2012

Partnership with Panchyat: Rozgar Dhaba Part of Panchyat@LIFE project Ajmer

LIFE project at Ajmer has crossed another landmark in establishing linkages with PRI. In Ajmer LIFE project  4 villages we have Village Information Centers (VICs) in the form of Rozgar Dhaba to facilitate information dissemination on government schemes and work as a bridge between the local employer and unemployed villages, it also promote sustainable agriculture through capacity building and tie-ups with KVK-Ajmer.

Rozgar Dhaba as the part of Panchyat
Now out of four Rozgar Dhaba’s one Rozgar Dhaba is now become the part of Naulakha Panchyat (one of the project Panchayat), Panchayat has officially approved and given space ( a Panchayat School old building) for the Rozgar Dhaba Center to operate and assist in the various activities of Panchayat, especially in terms of generating awareness on government schemes. Now at Naulakha Rozgar Dhaba on an average 50-60 people walk-in for getting information on various schemes and accessing information through news paper and television.  Panchayat also feel Rozgar Dhaba as one of the better option, where not only information on government schemes, but also counseling and assistance is being provided by the Rozgar Dhaba. Now our field animators along with village volunteers are providing services at  Naulkha Rozgar Dhaba.

Also to encourage ownership of the Rozgar Dhaba amongst the community, for all the four Rozgar Dhaba’s , LIFE project team at Ajmer has developed a MoU with Kissan Club of the concerned villages for the management of Rozgar Dhaba.

You can watch Rozgar Dhaba on youtube at: 


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