Monday, April 16, 2012

At Banswara

1. Purpose of the workshop
To enhance the knowledge and hand on experience of the HARIT PRAYAS project staff on micro-planning.

2. Modules in the workshop
The workshop would have 4 basic modules:

  • Basics of micro-plan
  • In field exercise on micro-planning with local field staff and community
  • Micro-plan in per se with strengthening PRI
  • Gender in micro-plan

3. Date’s for the workshop
18th April-21st April 2012

4. Place of workshop
Thikaria, Near St. Paul school
Contact no: Fr. Marcus: 9413625655, 02962257568
Mr. Chandrapal: 09929410788

5. Who could be the participants?
Two (2) participants including coordinator and or field supervisor and cluster coordinator. Sleeper class/bus travel would be paid on actual basis.  Who so ever would come with preparation and must learn the things and able to deliver the same to his/her project villages. If organization wants to send other participants ( apart from HARIT PRAYAS or more than 2), organization has to take the cost of traveling, food & lodging.

 6. Day wise-plan schedule

Expected outcome
1st Day: Wednesday, 18th/04/2012
Class room session:
  • Concept clarity on micro-plan
  • Tool development for micro-plan
  • Knowing RRA & PLAM ( Participatory Learning Appraisal Methods)
  • Selection of villages
  • Group formation

Clarity on micro-plan and procedure conducting the same
2nd & 3rd  Day: Thursday & Friday,
19th & 20th  /04/2012
Conducting micro-plan exercise in LIFE project villages with community. This would involve village stay and at the end sharing of finding with the village community.
Participants have confidence to facilitate micro-plan exercise in their respective project villages.
4th Day: Saturday
Analysis of Micro-plan process
SWOT ( Strength Weakness Opportunity & Threat) analysis of the overall exercise

7. What preparation is required by the participants before coming for the workshop?

  • Read the attached documents on micro-planning ( with this concept paper)
  •  Basic clarity on RRA/PRA
  • Initial queries on micro-planning
  • Able to stay in village for couple of days
  • Come out with own note pads and pen


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