Tuesday, December 18, 2012

      I am a farmer, not a construction worker and would not migrate!

……..Mansingh Damor, 35 a Schedule Tribe farmer  from Amblipada village ( LIFE project village) form banswra , every year used to migrate to the neighbouring state Gujrat after the harvesting of rabi crop and drastic was he used to migrate with his all family members and used to do construction work there in Ahemdabad (Gujrat) or in Surat (Gujrat) and his life was just hand to mouth survival and that to without any propoer shelter/accommodation in Gujrat. Basically mansingh is a farmer , not a construction worker and in Feb 2012, he was there in village and met with field animator ms. Lata Damor, and shown his interest in knowing the cost effective technique of cultivation, jus as an interest and Lata asked her to attend the training programmes and farmers field school (which was suppose to start from the next week). Mansingh has attended the training, learn the techniques of preparation of organic inputs ( like amrit pani and dashparni ark) and also visited to the field of some of the farmers who all are practicing the same and finally used the organic inputs on his vegetable cultivation and find it a ‘moneyless’ cultivation and then he has constructed two vermin-compost units and now on his entire land along with his  he is doing vegetable cultivation as well as food and cash crop through organic inputs and is able to earn 500 per day with vegetable ( without any investment-just the labour cost only) selling to the market and has decided to  not to migrate and work as a farmer on his own land, because he is a farmer not a construction worker-says Mansingh.

“Mansingh is one example, there are many farmers from the field of  LIFE project villages who has promised themselves not to migrate , because now they have started visualising the benefit in agriculture and basically they all are farmers not the labourers or construction workers “


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