Saturday, February 19, 2011

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SANJHA SAMVAD-a network for development

Coming together is a process
keeping together is progress
Working together is success

Networking denotes an action (a verb), a process that involves a number of actors and brings a dynamic relationship between and among the various actors of civil society in concern with the same first networking meeting of the LIFE project partners (SJVS-Banswara and RCDSSS-Ajmer), Harit Prayas Project partners (MVSS-Sagar, JCSS-Jhansi and SSSS-Satna) and NGOs from Banswara, Ajmer, Gorakhpur, New Delhi  and Jhansi has been organized at the Chetanalaya building By the Caritas India North Zone team . Meeting has accentuated on the concept that -the Networks help to link individuals, groups and organizations of various walks of life and provide greater strength to people working for a common cause. Networks perform a wide range of functions: from sharing and disseminating information to acting as a pressure group to influence policies. Members of a network lend valuable support to each other and help its members in perspective building or developing innovative approaches to developmental activities.

Meeting has started with the prayer and introduction of the NGOs partners and Caritas representatives-Fr.Varghese Mattamana (ED Caritas India), Fr. P.Chinnappa (Administrator, Caritas India), Mr. Nelson (HOD, Caritas India), Mr. PU Francis (Zonal Manger-North, Caritas India), Mr. Jacob (State Officer, Caritas India), Mr. Sinu (State Officer, UP region, Caritas India) Ms. Chinnamma (Caritas India) and Mr. Vinod Pandey (Project Officer, Caritas India).

Later on Mr. Vinod Pandey has made a brief reflection on LIFE project its different components, relation of LIFE project with MGNREGA, and other government schemes. Followed by the presentation, there was a release of booklet on ‘Collection of 30 most promising Development NEWS of the last one year (Feb2010-Feb 2011)’ by Fr Varghese Mattamana, he has presented the first copy of it to Mr. PU Francis.  After the release, Fr Varghese addressed the people and expresses his happiness to be the part of this networking meeting. He said we experimenting through this networking meeting ‘to make the partners to come on the common platform’ and hope we would be successful in the same. He has shared in brief about the Caritas India and its work and emphasized that Dignity of human is the prime focus of Caritas India!
Taking the meeting foreword resource persons Dr. Rahul Dixit & Mr. Divya Prakash from Transparency Seekers for Accountability (TSA) -a Delhi based Non-profit Organization working on the concept of ‘Rights Based Approach (RBA)’ moved the meeting in a participatory way to understand the basic concept of ‘networking & development’ where in it has Cleary stated that ‘networking of NGO partners could serve the community in better way’.
Later on Fr. Gibi from PGSS (Gorakhpur) has explained the participants about the ‘channelizing advocacy through the common platform in the form of networking of NGO partners’
At the end of the meeting the participants decided to have an e-group of this network group, where in all the participants would be the members of it and this e-group would primarily serve as the source of sharing knowledge on different development concerns. A name has given to this e-group as-SANJHA SAMVAD (voice of togetherness). Also it has decided that the next networking meeting would take place by the name SANJHA SAMVAD and probably would take place after six months.
At the end of the programme Mr. Jacob (State Officer-Delhi region) has give vote of thanks to the participants and resource persons.


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