Friday, February 18, 2011

LIFE-changing lives (Anecdotes)

From LIFE, life has changed!

“Asmarthta aur Agyanta, ye thi meri pehchhan
Tub mili mujhe Disha, aur badh gaya mera gyan”

These lines reflect the life of Deshraj Meghvanshi, Graduate, 25 years old married three years back with a wife and a two year old kid, life has been changed after coming in line with the LIFE project in Mavashiya village (Mavashiya Panchyat, Ajmer).. Earlier he was living a very troublesome life. There was no support to earn livelihood, no means of education for children and many more problems. He had to depend on daily wages from agricultural plots and construction sites.

After the initiation of LIFE project in Mavashiya by Disha-RCDSSS, Madar ,Deshraj has shown interest in youth mobilization and being the part of youth club. And Now he is an active member of a Mavashiya youth club. After becoming the member of youth club, he has given his name to for the skill development programme under the LIFE project, as he wants to earn little better  so that he could able to feed properly to his wife and son.

Under the skill development and placement component of LIFE project his name has been registered for the skill based trainings and also entered in the data base of unemployed youths.

Placement coordinator of Disha-RCDSSS (LIFE Project) has worked-out on the on the data base of vacancies available in different firms (in Ajmer and near by districts) and tried to match the available unemployed youths data base to the available vacancies. In the same Deshraj bio-data has matched for the post of security guard in Jaipur based company-ISOIL. A small training on interview skills and company profile has been given and discussed with Deshraj by the placement coordinator and later on with a small interview by ISOILhe has selected for the said post in Jaipur with a monthly salary of Rs.5000+HR +TA+DA+food.

Now with the job of security guard Deshraj has enhanced his self esteem to work as well as given energy to a dignified life. Due to sufficient income he is able to feed properly to his family and enjoying a better social recognition in the society. Additionally he is also educating people (when he comes on Sunday or any other holiday) with regard to adopting project activities and spreading awareness in the village through youth club.  


Iqbal Mohammad to Iqbal General Store!

Iqbal Mohammad is today a growing businessman and an owner of “Iqbal General Store” who was once striving for his livelihood. A resident of village Mavashiya (Mavashiya gram Panchayat, Ajmer). Primary source of his family income is through agriculture and a Iqubal’s brother who is earning mere Rs.3000/- per month and that too by traveling almost 5 Kms daily to an Indian Oil Company (sub-station). Nevertheless, after the initiation of LIFE project and various skill development activities (under LIFE project) Iqubal came in contact with the  RCDSSS LIFE project staff and has observed that  his attitude towards earning for his family took a leap forward. Later on through youth club membership he has given direction and guidance to open up a store in his village for which he got the complete information regarding the selection of the venue the places from where the material can be purchased on the wholesale rates. He contacted the Ajmer and Nasirabad wholesale dealers to purchase the material as guided by the organization and owing to this he came to know about the difference in the rates between the local market and the contacted dealers. The material was purchased by his savings of Rs.2000/-. Today, he is earning Rs.4500/- per month from his store since 5 months now.  He is using his income in his agricultural practices and livestock management as well. Also he has decided that if in future the store shows a remarkable growth then he will be channeled to apply for the loans from the government department for performing wholesale business.


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