Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sita Ram Rao National award to livelihood case model of LIFE project -Rozgar Dhaba

We are pleased to share with you the award for the Rozgar Dhaba model of LIFE project and the first book on LIFE project (through access publications) which includes the description of the LIFE project as one of the model project. (The book has been released by Country Head of Oxfam India ). Interesting part was out of the 11 top cases of livelihood only Caritas India case/model is from donor part rest all is from the implementing agencies like , AKRSP-I.  

The award has given in the India livelihood Conference jointly organised by access development services in support with XLRI, World bank, UNDP Oxfam India, Ford Foundation, MoRD on 29-30th Nov 2012. Also the ceremony has given an opportunity to interact with the country heads of World bank, Oxfam, Ford Foundation and UNDP.

The key highlights of the function were:

  • The World bank focus on innovative rural development models and country head highlighted the concept of blogging/social media and interaction with partner through it.
  • Representation of heads of around 190 development organisations ( including 20+ funding agencies)
  • The function has 45 minutes special session by honourable Minister of rural & Development Jai ram Ramesh  with the winners of livelihood case models, where he has explained well that how some of these models could be the part of NRLM. It was worth attending first of this kind of session.


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