Sunday, December 30, 2012

Online library for sharing impact BY LIFE PROJECT TEAM!

One can also access the impacr studIes and the process of LIFE project intervention through its online library, which has developed inlast 6 months. The key topics at online library of LIFE project is as:

1. On Skill development ( Impact of Rozgar Dhaba in LIFE project)

2. On Government schemes (Micro-Planning workshop at Banswara) (Impact of LIFE Project: (Rajasthan): Deva LIFE has changed through RTI) (Now I have shelter....and security for food!)

3. On women empowerment (Impact of LIFE project: SHGs now addressing the development issues of other villages also) (...moving together, making together a better tomorrow)

4. On Sustainable agriculture (Double benefit from LIFE project to the community) (LEARN ORGANIC FARMING FROM LIFE PROJECT TEAM OF BANSWARA)


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