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Youth Skill building & Employment:
  1. Two trained youth members at Nolkha village started earning Rs. 2500 to 3000/- per month through house-wiring work. A youth member Mr. Devendra s/o Pratap Singh of Nolkha village placed in cattle feed plant in Jaipur.
  2. A youth Man Singh s/o Shankar Singh of Nolkha placed as a computer teacher in Govt. Sec. School Bubani for one year.
  3. Two youth members of Surajpura & Mavashiya were enrolled in House Wiring training organized by ITI and RMOL.
  4. 4 youth members of Mavashiya provided Roadways recruitment form through internet (Jaisingh, Ramesh, Pradhan, Pradhan)
  5. Two tailoring centres run in Nolkha & Gudha village and 24 girls were trained in tailoring and stitching work. Technical support was availed from JSS Ajmer. Out of these 8 girls are now doing tailoring commercially in village itself and earning Rs. 1000/- to 1500/- monthly.
  6. 20 youth trained in house wiring training in Mavashiya block. 8 youth members started earning Rs. 1500 to 2000/- monthly by doing house wiring and general maintenance in nearby villages.
Resource Mobilization from KVK, NABARD, Panchayat & others :
  1. 32 Farmers got benefits of micro-nutrients spray for wheat from KVK in February, 2012.
  2. 25 farmers of Nepoli & Laxipura village got crop demo Khareef season and trained by KVK Support.
  3. 2 farmers of Surajpura, 2 Farmers of Nepoli, 4 farmers of Mavshiya received benefits of Farm Pond from Agri. Deptt. of Rs. 49,850/- per farmer. And Shyoji s/o Ruggha of Nepoli received Rs. 60000 for Farm pond scheme.
  4. Bharmal S/o Ramkaran Jat received Rs. 150000/- and Ramdhan S/o Dhukal Bheel recieved 40000/- from KCC which was made with our facilitation.
  5. 6 farmers of Nolkha & Godiawas received Mineral Mixture at subsidized rate from agriculture department.
  6. 4 famers from of Surajpura and 2 farmers of Nepoli purchased seeds of millet on subsidy rates during Khareef Abhiyan with the support of Agriculture Deptt. And 6 framers got free demo on vegetable crop (ladyfinger)
  7. Verms were sponsored for 12 units of worth Rs. 4200/- for establishment of vermin compost units in life project villages.
  8. 3 proposals of micro-plans are approved and being implemented in Nepoli village out of total 10 works. (Handpump, CC road & drainage system)

Training cum Production Units for Self Help Groups members :
  1. Total 5 production cum training units were established for income generation and skill development of SHG members in 5 villages. The details are as follows :
                                I.      Unit–1 : Spice (Masala – Chilly, Coriander, Turmeric) Pocessing (Grading, Grinding, Packaging & Selling) Unit; run by Ghareeb Nawaj SHG of Gudha village, maily owned by Mrs. Phulbano. They process the material as per requirement of the shop setup by Phulbano earlier. Monthly she sells 20 kg. Chilly powder, 7 kg. Coriander Powder & 5 kg. Turmeric and earn profit of Rs. 1000/- to 1500 monthly.
                              II.      Unit – 2 & 3 : Tailoring cum Bag Making Unit at Kesarpura & Devliya run by Jagdamba SHG of Devliya & Vishvakarma SHG of Kesarpura. Total 14 SHG members are trained regularly, they completed tailoring and now production bags is going on for upcoming pushkar fair.
                            III.      Unit – 4 & 5 : Production Unit of Vermin Compost run by Krishna SHG Noklha & Peepalderani SHG Devliya. Total 6 SHG members have established 12 vermin compost units of 20’×3’×2’ size and producing compost. From the next two months the ready compost will be packaged by other members of SHGs & sold to the market.
Information cum Rojgar Dhaba :
  1. Total 3889 people visited Rojgar Dhaba in this half year. Out of these TV & Internet services users were 2065 villagers and people who read news-paper & other magazines related to agriculture were 1818.
  2. Rojgar Dhaba is providing a platform to learn and update knowledge about agriculture and different government schemes. It also services people, especially youth to be informed about openings of various vacancies in government as well as private sectors. Results are also provided online for various exams.
  3. Krishi Darshan, Kalyani & other social issues related serials are liked by the visitors. They are also attracted with the IEC material recently developed and displayed at the centres and getting handholding support to access the services and knowledge about government schemes, organic farming, RTI, MGNREGA and various other useful technologies which could be helpful in promoting their sustainable livelihood.

Organic Farming & Sustainable agriculture :
  1. 2 farmers (Budharam s/o Sujaram & Fulwanti w/o Lalsingh) of Nolkha village and one farmer (Shankar Lal Sen) of Kesarpura village established additional vermin units seeing the success of first units.
  2. 14 Farmers established kitchen garden and grow vegetables using organic measures. Jeev Amrit, Dashparni, Vermin Compost & Beej Amrit were used in the kitchen garden. But only 6 got vegetable production due to failure of crop for insects, and attach of mouse and other small underground animals.
  3. 214 farmer trained and in organic farming and adopt Beej Amrit, Jeev Amrit & Dashparni organic preparations for Kharif Crop. These farmers were trained in Organic farming & IPM techniques.
  4. 147 farmers from 10 villages send soil sample for Khareef crop and select crop as per the recommendation and prepared land accordingly.
  5. Rampal s/o Chhoga and Ranglal s/o Shankarlal of Nepoli; Devaram s/o Mangu of Kesarpura adopted vermin compost unit, whereas Panchu Singh and Budharam of Nolkha village established Ajola Grass Unit.

Farmers’ Club initiatives :
  1. Received sanction of remaining 6 farmers club of Life project. Hence all 9 clubs have been approved by NABARD under Farmers’ Club Program. The only remaining farmer club of Godiawas is waiting for approval from NABARD since its’ application was sent lately due to their internal conflicts. 
  2. Farmer's Club of Kesarpura purchased agriculture equipment (spray machine) from NABARD’s financial assistance for public use on nominal rent.
  3. Shiv Kisan Club Naulakha and Balaji Kisan Club innaugrated on 25th July at Nepoli
  4. Farmer’s Club organized a Linkage meeting with bank, MFI and govt. officials at Nepoli. In which total 270 SHG members and Farmers club members and youth participated.
  5. Farmer’s Club of Nolkha & Mavashiya decided to develop their 5 bigha pastureland as demonstration purpose with the support of the project. As a result 5-5 bigha land of pastureland were protected mutually and grass seeding was done in the area. A chowkidar is appointed for three months until the grass is fruited.

Bank linkages of Self Help Groups :
  1. 5 farmer club and 10 SHG were linked with BOB Ramsar.
  2. Bank Loan Process for 7 SHGs of Mavashiya panchayat was facilitated with ICICI bank and total 8 SHG’s including 7 of Gram Panchayat Mavshiya and 1 of Gudha village got bank loan of Rs. 589500 with support of ICICI bank. Hence all Self Help Groups of Life project have linked and initiated the bank loan. 40% SHG members used this loan for different purposes of Livestock management like purchasing, fodder, feeding place etc.
  3. Aradhana SHG in  Guda village mobilized loan of Rs. 280000/- from the SBBJ branch Bhudol.

Livestock management :
  1. One Azola unit was established in Kalyanipura village for better nutrition for milk giving livestock and good compost.
  2. 65 breed improvement were done in this half year including cows of Geer breed and buffalos of Murra breed.
  3. Veterinary vaccination camp organized in 8 villages. 332 livestock rears benefitted with vaccination of  3192 animals including cow, buffalo, goat and sheep.
Social Security Schemes benefits:
  1. Widow pensions of Badami w/o Narayan singh and Kamala w/o Ratana of Nolkha village were started.
  2. One widow pension and one palanhar benefit form has been processed in Kalyanipura village.
  3. Benefits of Palanhar Yojana (Rs.4700) provided to Miss Harju D/o Kalyani of Kalyanipura through effective use of RTI.
  4. A Widow pension and one Palanhar application is processed in Kalyanipura (Geeta /Ramdhan) and Devliya (Ladi/Ranglal
Source: Half yearly reports 


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