Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monthly Progress Report (MPR)
Month: August, 2012
Partner name: Disha–RCDSSS, Ajmer


1.                  Context :

It was first month of the last half year of the project. Hence preparing half yearly report, financial report and cash flow was worked out with all the staff members. There had been no budget activity conducted in this month due to unavailability of approval and fund.

Rains came 1.5 months late with full pace in the region hence people were so busy in their field works. Since we have been working on the extension of life project for some time, situational analysis of 30% villages (6 villages) was conducted by the staff in the new area.

Three participants from our organization including coordinator participated in baseline workshop held in Jabalpur. As a followup of this base line of all 15 villages was conducted for the new life project titled “Ankur”. Lot of difficulties and challenges were faced during this exercise in the field. First of all it was cropping season and farmers are busy with their farm activities, secondly, they have past bad experiences with other NGOs and companies so it was quite difficult to mobilize their trust, lastly the given time for conducting baseline of 4000 households, and 15 villages was very very challenging and difficult yet we did our best but again data entry is delayed.

Our regular support and follow up of activities extended to the community as a result we were able to get some achievements however stated further. 


2.                  Major Achievements : (Results/targeted achievements) :

  • Through regular contacts, inspiration from other clubs during inauguration, the members of Dadaji Farmers’ Club Godiawas were motivated to open their back account in SBBJ Bank at Bhudol.
  • Two units of Azola grass are established in Nolkha village with support of KVK.
  • Shiv Kisan Club, Nolkha; Shree Ganesh Kisan Club Kesarpura and Veer Teja Kisan Club of Surajpura have purchased 8 spray machines from the NABARD fund. They also purchased mats for their monthly meetings and gathering.
  • Widow Pension Form was filled and submitted for Kaya Devi w/o Ramchandra of Nolkha village.
  • For application of widow pensions, death certificates were made for Ramchandra and Beeram Singh of Nolkha village, Ranglal of Devliya and Kishan Bheel of Surajpura.
  • Total 153 farmers sprayed Dashparni Ark and Jeev Amrit in their Kharif Crop for better production and prevent from diseases.
  • 20 Farmers of Surajpura village got benefits of Rs. 23500/- and 16 farmers of Mavashiya got. Rs. 21500/- livestock promotion scheme KDPPY.
  • Total 1881 people visited our four Rojgar Dhaba this month. Out of these 688 people attended meeting and trainings; 107 people got information from internet and 1086 people watched Television and read newspaper and other useful magazines.
  • Inspiring with the existing horticulture units other farmers have planted 364 horticulture plants themselves where as 50 shadow trees were planted at school & Anganwadi premises in Devliya village.


1.       Project activity:

Name of activity
No. of units planned/no. of units achieved
Total participation (of community)
Results achieved
Application of MIS Tools
10 villages
10 villages
Result monitoring tools have been applied in all villages and ready for compilation.
Project Results will be known after compilation and analysis.
Gap filling and horticulture plantation.
414 plants
15 farmers including one women farmer established horticulture units by planting 364 horticulture besides gapfilling.
50 shadow trees were also planted at premises of Anganwadi and Schools at Devliya.
Monthly meetings of SHGs, Farmers Club & Youth Groups
40 meetings
40 meetings
All 40 CBOs of the project are functioning regularly and properly. The topics of this month was on hygiene practices in monsoon season.
Preparation of Half Yearly Report of Life project
Report along with result reporting and fund leverage report prepared and sent to Caritas India.
Preparing Cash flow & Financial Report of the Life project
Financial Report and Cash flow for next half year prepared and sent to CI.
Situational Analysis for extension of Life project
6 villages
6 villages
Situations and problems of the newly proposed area (Masuda) are known for extention.
SA is done to be used in project formulation of Ankur Project (the second version of Life)
Baseline survey for Ankur project and data entry
15 villages
15 villages
Baseline of 15 villages and 3656 households are done with the baseline tools prepared for village and household level.
Field Monitoring by Placement coordinator
10 villages
7 villages
Regular monitoring is ensured for project activities, assets, and followup support was given to staff and the farmers.


2.       Linkages & Liasioning: Explain about Liaisoning & linkages been established (especially with Panchayat, NABARD, KVK, MSME etc.) in the particular month and also the follow-up of previous linkages and future plan for further linkages.


·         Interacted with Animal husbandry department and sub-centre incharge at Ramsar and got farmers list verified who participated and got benefits from livestock health camp held last month.


·         Contacted SBBJ Bank Manager Bhudol for opening up bank account of Dadaji Kisan Club of Godiawas village. As a result manager got ready and opened the account.


·         KVK sponsored grass seed for two Azola units, and provided 414 plants on subsidized rate.


3.       Fund leveraged: Explain in tabular form how much fund has been leveraged from the government & other institutions.


Agency (government or others)
Fund leveraged (Amount in Rs.)
No. of beneficiaries
See annexure
Kendriya Dudharu Pashu Protsahan Yojana (KDPPY)
20 farmers of Surajpura, 16 farmers of Mavashiya village


4.       Communication materials developed: if any communication material has been developed for the project provides detail about the same.

-          A booklet titled “Ek Sujhav” (an advice) is developed which contains on govt. schemes, their forms, acts like MGNREGA, RTI & RTE etc. (Compilation of information from PRI & block office and other NGOs about schemes and programs and information about acts were done for the booklet.)


5.       Challenges faced during the implementation of the project

  • Flood and excessive rain spoiled the crop upto 70% in the area hence people are busy to prevent the remaining crop in the field.
  • Data collection in MIS format has been challenging in the field yet we managed to complete and the compilation would be done by end of this month.


6.      Learning’s from the project during particular month

  • Regular interaction and negotiation with negative and influencive people in the area turns into positive mode when they see the good impact of the project in long run and then they start supporting the project for example our surpanch of Mavashiya panchayat and his secretary.



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