Saturday, May 19, 2012

Major acheivement in LIFE project ( from Feb-Apr 2012) @ RCDSSS- Ajmer

a.      Two trained youth members started earning Rs. 2500 to 3000/- per month through house-wiring work.
b.      Two youth were enrolled in House Wiring training organized by ITI and RMOL.
c.       4 youth members of Mavashiya provided Roadways recruitment form through internet (Jaisingh, Ramesh, Pradhan, Pradhan)
d.      3 proposals of micro-plans are approved and being implemented in Nepoli village out of total 10 works. (Handpump, CC road & drainage system)
e.      32 Farmers got benefits of micro-nutrients spray for wheat from KVK in February, 2012.
f.        2 farmers (Budharam s/o Sujaram & Fulwanti w/o Lalsingh) of Nolkha village established additional vermin units seeing the success of first units.
g.      2 farmers of Surajpura, 2 Farmers of Nepoli, 4 farmers of Mavshiya received benefits of Farm Pond from Agri. Deptt. of Rs. 49,850/- per farmer.
h.      5 farmer club and 6 SHG were linked with BOB Ramsar.
i.        Aradhana SHG in  Guda village mobilized loan of Rs. 280000/-
j.        Bharmal S/o Ramkaran Jat received Rs. 150000/- and Ramdhan S/o Dhukal Bheel recieved 40000/- from KCC which was made with our facilitation.
k.       One Azola unit was established in Kalyanipura village.
l.        37 breed improvement were done in the month including cows of  Geer breed and buffalos of Murra breed.
m.    2 Widow pensions of Badami w/o Narayan singh, Nolkha and Kamala w/o Ratana, Nolkha started and 1 widow pension and 1 palanhar benefit form has been processed in Kalyanipura village.
n.      116 job card holders of Kesarpura applied (filled Form-6) for job under NREGA.
o.      439 people visited Rojgar Dhaba for TV & Internet services and 90 people read news-paper & other magazines related to agriculture etc.
p.      6 farmers of Nolkha & Godiawas received Mineral Mixture at subsidized rate.
q.      3 Farmers established kitchen garden with the help of life project.
r.       3 Production units started, 35 women started training on stitching and tailoring and 10 women started production of processing.

Source: Quarterly Progress Report (LIFE Project RCDSSS-Ajmer, Feb-Apr 2012) 


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