Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ASKING (RTI) official about the unpaid amount of IAY Rs. 10,000/- for last 4 yrs. has brought her cheque of Rs. 20,000/-

Kani Devi W/o Hanuman Prajapat got IAY benefit 4 yrs. back. She received one installment of Rs. 15,000/- but another installment of 10,000/- was still awaited. She took part in training of RTI with her friend and Federation secretary Mrs. Sharda of Bhudol. Both of them went to Pagati Prasar Officer about the unpaid amount and they also said that now we don’t get an answer we would file an RTI for this. Immediately the next day PP Officer came to the house of Kanidevi and handed over the cheque of Rs. 20,000/- of her IAY pending installment.


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