Sunday, March 18, 2012

Securing social security schemes@Ajmer

Name -Ramchandra gurjar (70) & Fuma Devi (60)
Villa. -Kesarpura
Panchayat -Mavashiya

Mr. Ramchandra Gurjar and his wife Mrs. Fuma Devi live in village Kesarpura. Both are only the member in their family they have no son and their only daughter got married in Nepoli village. In spite of old age they had to work in their fields to meet their needs. But now they need not to work in their field as their old age pension ( under social security schemes) Rs. 1000/- per month is started.

Now Mr. Ramchandra says that they are happy with the benefits of pension. People knew that they were eligible for pension but no one supported to fill our form and complete the process. Its life animator who helped us in all the process. It all made possible to me by the LIFE project. Lot thanks !!!


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