Sunday, March 18, 2012

Major Achievements in LIFE project in Feb 2012@Ajmer

  • 21 breed improvement were done in the month including 5 cows of Geer breed and 16 buffalos of Murra breed.
  • 32 Farmers got benefits of micro-nutrients spray for wheat from KVK.
  • One Azola unit were established in Kalyanipura village.
  • 4 farmer club and 2 SHG were linked with Bank.
  • Two youth were enrolled in House Wiring training organized by ITI and RMOL.
  • Aradhana SHG in Guda village mobilized loan of Rs. 280000/-
  • Bharmal S/o Ramkaran Jat received Rs. 150000/- and Ramdhan S/o Dhukal Bheel recieved 40000/- from KCC which has made with the facilitation of LIFE team.


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