Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rajasthan Govt. Public Service Delivery Act 2011

... finally the Rajasthan Government has came out with time bound system to deliver government services ( basically related with government schemes & functionaries) to combat corruption in the state through Rajasthan Govt. Public Service Delivery Act 2011.  The Act envisages a time-bound performance of duties by government officials and also has a provision of cash penalty for the offenders. As per the provisions of penalty, the competent appellate officer may impose a penalty which shall not be less than Rs 500 and not more than Rs 5,000. The appellate officer may also impose a penalty of Rs 250 per day on undue delay. The applicant, whose application for particular service or work is rejected for some reasons, is also entitled to appeal his grievances under the Act. The bill was passed in the Monsoon session of the Assembly and was subsequently approved by the state cabinet. The Act would have major impact on rural Rajasthan ( with few services) and considering the same with our LIFE project in Rajasthan we would be making community to aware about the new act of Rajasthan government so that community would avail various government services on time.


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