Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Planning & Implementing community based project by community itself!

In present scenario development sector is full of jargons especially related with ‘Samaj Seva’ but the big question arises that are we all are really doing something better for the society or all the things are just in vague? Because most of the agencies either NGOs, government line department, funding agencies etc. has taken a lot of step for the so called ‘rural development or community development, but how many of the agencies are able to develop community to develop themselves? Hardly few! And this is because most of the agencies play the role of implementer of the development project amongst the community rather than a facilitator to the community for implementation of the project. In present scenario there is need to seed the concept amongst the community identify different key people from their own villages for the development of the concerned villages. These key people could further be trained and develop through different capacity building programmes with the help of different development agencies. To identify key people, it should be the responsibility of community to identify such volunteers who has been playing the key role/being the part different developmental activities in the concerned village. In concern with the same there is one Sholkah in Bhagvat Geeta as:

Karmanya vadhikaraste Ma falesu Kadachan l

Ma Karmfal hetu bhurma Ma te sangosta karmina ll

 In short it means that do the work with your full dedication and energy without worrying about the result of it! And this is the basic concept behind the understanding of ‘volunteers’ either in the form of rural volunteers, Para-workers etc.

By LIFE team


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