Sunday, February 3, 2013

Key acheivement in Jan 2013 in LIFE project@SJVS Banswara

·      1 farmer have received benefits of free Demonstration plot of gram from Agriculture department of Kushalgarh ( Banswara)
·   30 farmers have received hand corn peeling machine from agriculture department in 100% subsidy.
·     2 farmers have received benefits of irrigation pipe in 50 % subsidy from agriculture department.
·    9 farmers have received benefits of 3 days out of district Exposure on organic agriculture and modern agriculture techniques from agriculture department Banswara.   
·        48 Households are linked with panchayat through the MGNREGA training.
·      23 farmers have prepared Amritpani and they are using it in present crops      
·         170 villagers have visited in Rozgar Dhaba in reporting month.

Source: Monthly report of Jan 2013 by LIFE project team of SJVS-Banswara


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