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Atma Manthan: LIFE project-Review Meeting

Atma Manthan
LIFE project-Review Meeting
23, 24 & 25 June, 2011
Venue: Disha- RCDSSS-Ajmer
This time review meeting has been given a name-Atma manthan-meaning ‘self-analysis, for not only for the partners, but also for the supporting agency Caritas India to see and analyse the pace of the LIFE project. The participants were Mr. Nelson ( HOD, Caritas India), Mr. Prakash (from Ask India) , Mr. Vinod Pandey (from Caritas India) and the entire LIFE project staff of both the SJVS-Banswara and RCDSSS-Ajmer  along with the Directors .
The process of atma manthan i.e has started with the prayer ‘Hamari hi muthi mein akash sara’ i.e. the whole sky is in our fist!  After the prayer there was a brief presentation on the process and the key decisions taken during the last review meeting (been held at SJVS-Banswara from 21st-23rd Feb 2011).
Later on Mr. Prakash and Mr. Vinod along with guidance from Mr. Nelson has facilitated the three day process based on discussion on PMF, activities, budget spent and result achieved   ( a brief process report has been prepared by the RCDSSS-Ajmer team).  At the end of the three day both the team presented their progress of last three months. From the review process following are the key points:

  • Both the partners of LIFE project have PMF well developed and has been translated in the local language in Hindi, even there is sort of understanding on PMF at field animator level.
  • Sustainable agriculture has become the central part of the agriculture component of both the projects. Clarity on sustainable agriculture has been seen amongst the staff and are interested to work on same.
  • Both the partners have done quite well in terms of developing monitoring tools and its application of to all the HHs.
  • This time, first time field animators also given presentation of the progress of their own village and on PMF
  • Analysis of monitoring tools has also done in  better way keeping clear cut targets on the basis of certain criteria’s which targets the poorest of the poor in the target villages.
  • Both the SJVS-Banswara and RCDSSS-Ajmer partners are open in terms of implementation of activities based on results for making the LIFE project to achieve the set results.
  • With the support from caritas India, now two staff (one from each partner) has sent to CESSS-Amravati and both has been trained on sustainable agriculture. Also Caritas India with the inputs from the partners have developed the common demo-plot guideline in both Hindi and English for one of the key activity-agriculture demonstration plot.
At the end meeting has ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Vinod Pandey.


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