Friday, April 22, 2011

LIFE project staff learning's at CESSS-Amravati

In concern with the training of two LIFE project staff (one each from Ajmer & Banswara) at CESSS-Amravati (Maharashtra)-a center for promoting sustainable agriculture- to learn & practice the know-how of the sustainable agriculture and implementing the same through the LIFE project ;Mr. Hemant (Field animator from RCDSSS-Ajmer) and Mr. Vijay Katara (Field animator SJVS-Banswara) have attended the 15 days (from 27th March-10th April 2011) training programme at CESSS-Amravati and returned  back on 13th April 2011. Both have shared a brief report of their learning’s and practice (in Hindi),their key learning based on their report as: 

Key Learning’s on:

  • Sustainable agriculture and its different aspect especially organic cultivation
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture amongst the interested farmer’s.
  • Making interested farmers to know about the hazards of use of chemical/synthetic fertilizers and preparation and practicing of organic cultivation.
  • Proper ploughing before cultivation
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture through demo plots and establishing key linkages with KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendera) and other development agencies practicing sustainable agriculture.
  • Preservation and promotion of traditional seeds amongst the farming community
  • Formation of organic cultivation based farmers group in the villages.
  • Enhancing the involvement of farmers in the Gram sabha and sharing the benefit of organic cultivation in gram sabha meeting.
  • Developing IEC materials on sustainable agriculture
  • Organizing awareness camp on sustainable agriculture
  • Motivating techniques for organic cultivation
  • Planning on sustainable agriculture for individual farmers

Practice on:

  • Preparation of –organic manure, vermin compost unit, vermin compost,  and green manure.
  • Use of locally available resources for organic cultivation
  • Making organic pest repellant through locally available resources.
  • Taking sample for soil testing & water testing
  • Interaction with individual farmers/farmers group on organic cultivation
  • Planning on sustainable agriculture for individual farmers

In the report participants have shared that through strong community mobilization and with project team they are going to share their learning’s and practices amongst the LIFE project team members and amongst the project area target community.


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