Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anecdotes: March 2011

Farm Pond; A venture of modern irrigation 

I am a small farmer of Nolkha village (Ajmer District-Rajasthan) with 15 bigha of land. My livelihood depends on agriculture and the production of livestock I have. Electricity cut and shortage of irrigation water affected my cultivation very badly. There is only 6 hours electricity available in my village and these 6 hours are divided among we four bothers. Staff of LIFE project advised me to construct a farm pond at upstream side of land for which 50% govt. subsidy is available. I consulted my other three brothers and did all the formalities to avail the subsidy for the pond of 40'x30'x6' dimension. With the staff I went in "Prashasan Apke Dwar Camp" and my application is approved and I got subsidy of Rs. 50,000/- for the pond. I am also planning to do fishery in this pond and earn additional income. Now I will save electricity, time, money and labour in my agriculture work and teach others to do so. Thanks to LIFE project for this wonderful LIFE.

- Lal Singh Rawat
S/o Chotu Singh Rawat, Nolkha


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