Sunday, November 18, 2012

LIFE project sharing with IIM-Ahemdabad team in "The Economic Times Power of Ideas Innovation awards"

Under the innovation India-power of Idea’s concept IIM-Ahmadabad (India The best Management institute) in collaboration with Department of Science and technology  (DST) and The Economic Times has invited LIFE project team to share the LIFE project model with IIM-Ahemdabad and DST  team on 17th/11/2012 at JSS Academy of Technical Education and Enterprise park, Noida.

The power of idea’s concept is to recognise the innovation in India under various sectors and caritas India LIFE team has shared the model of LIFE project to mitigate migration and to increase agriculture production.

Caritas India team has shared the LIFE project model with the team and received a various feed back on how this could be a better social business model. In the workshop 15 innovative models of business were presented and our caritas India LIFE project model was the only model from the social sector. The whole day session were facilitated by an experienced team of IIM-A , IIT Rorrkee and DST. The key facilitators were: Dr. Raghunandan (Incubator and enterprise head –DST), Mr. Ashwin ( Visting faculty IIM-A and IIT rorkee), Mr. ANKUR (IIT Roorkee), Mr. Kapil gupta ( CEO-OMLOGIC communications), & Mr. Amar (Business consultant) .  In the entire day workshop key focus were:

·      Making any development or business project visible and self sustainable from its day one.
·     Usage of social media especially twitter and blog could attract key investors to invest in the project. In development project it would be the “future” to generate funds through social media nd blogs
·  The network called Indian angel supports form different innovative ideas
·        SIDBI also supports for development based innovations

Result of the workshop:
·  Although we were not able to convince IIM-Ahemdabad and DST team (we cleared on 2 rounds of Power of Ideas Innovation) for further taking this idea for further round of innovation where IIM-A and DST would be supporting for 5-15 lakh finacial support and all technical support  to make the concept of LIFE project model operational, but for further innovation in LIFE project Caritas India could use the DST Incubator ( more you can see in the attached video of Dr. Raghunandan speech )  and physically and virtually to strengthen the concept/idea.

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