Saturday, February 25, 2012

LIFE blog completed its one year!

LIFE project is innovation in itself and has journeyed two years, within this two years it has gone through many innovations and specific results. One of the key innovations is its webpage i.e. Today on 25th Feb 2012 it has completed its one year of operation. Last year in 2011 during the LIFE project review at Banswara Fr. Freddy (Designate Director-Caritas India) has launched the web page by clicking on its url address.

Cherishing the success of LIFE!
In last one year it has reached to almost 15000 viewers from almost 25 countries. The uniqueness of the webpage is its daily upadtion and feedback from viewers, where viewers do not only know about the LIFE project, but are also learning from LIFE project. Many viewers wrote comments on to learn from LIFE project and implementing the same in their areas. The supporting agency of LIFE project –Caritas Spain has also supported in making this web page technically more sound.

Strengthening Linkages
The webpage has made LIFE project an easy access to reach the district officials administrative galleries and to the offices of NABARD & KVS in Ajmer and Banswara. Infect there is good role played by the webpage in getting approval of farmers clu by NABARD in both the project districts.

Motivating others
Web page of LIFE has motivated many other NGOs and projects to initiate their own pages (this includes some of Dioceses partners), many others are in process of initiating the same.

Regular support from field
The key success of the web page is maily because of regular sharing from the partners of LIFE project ( as this gives the content for the web page on regular basis and makes it an active web-page).

Media Coverage
Dainik Bhaskar a leading national Hindi daily wants to feature the webpage , whereas already its has covered by catholic news.

…a successful strategy
Initially the web page has started with concept of sharing, but now it has become a key strategy for the better linkages, for the visibility and transparency of the project.

Now LIFE is also on facebook going to make another record of its fan followers.

Lets celebrate the successful one year of the webpage!
Lets bring the change!


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