Sunday, January 15, 2012

Major acheivement in LIFE project in Dec 2011@RCDSSS Ajmer!

a.        34 youth members got employment card in placement campaign through employment exchange.
b.       3 Vermin compost units, 5 Than are established by the selected farmers. 2 farmers also prepared than with their own motivation who are not in our target list.
c.        1 old age pension application submitted after filling the form and completing the formalities with handing holding support of our animator Ramnath.
d.       35 AI. 14 buffalos and 4 cow.
e.        Performance monitoring tools have been applied to 957 targeted families to assess the half yearly results.
f.         166 farmers applied their learned practices in the field from FFS sessions.
g.       2 Farmers Clubs have been inaugurated by NABARD in function in which 150 villagers from Kesarpura & Gudha participated actively.
h.       124 farmers are trained in organic farming techniques and post harvesting practices.
i.         37 SHG women were trained on leadership development and record keeping.


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